TG Center

The Transgender Center has become the face of the transgender community and it’s efforts to pull together and work for positive change.

This TG Center is not only the first of it’s kind in history, it is also the only one of it’s kind in existence anywhere in the world. The Center houses the TFA Archive of Transgender History, most all transgender meetings and activities within the Houston and serves as the home office of TFA from which our organization provides our transgender social services.

The idea of having a trans-identified center first took shape through the efforts of Brenda Thomas and Josephine Tittsworth.  Later, Cristan Williams and Carolyn Bosma would open two TG Centers through Houston Area Community Services. In 2008, Cristan Williams and Carolyn Bosma teamed up to open the TFA TG Center. In late 2009, TFA moved from it’s original location, relocating  to it’s current location in the heart of the Montrose at 604 Pacific St. For more information about the history of TG Centers in Houston, please click here.