There are more than ten different synthetic urine brands on the market, I haven’t tested all of them, but I know many are crap and they are not more just colored water. I do not want to go into details, you can read a great synthetic urine review by clicking here. These guys reviewed every single fake pee brands on the market. Check them out before buying anything! Quick Fix used to be the number 1 synthetic urine brand on the market, but many say it’s not the best anymore. In this Quick Fix review, I will tell you everything you need to know about this fake pee brand and will also tell you the possible alternatives that might worth considering.

How To Use Quick Fix Synthetic Urine

Using Quick Fix urine is the same as most other brands, there is nothing special about it. In this kit, you get a bottle of premixed synthetic urine, one handwarmer, a rubber and a piece of paper with the instructions. Using it is very straightforward, put it in the microwave for a few seconds, take it out and read the temperature strip, it should be ready to use within a few seconds. When its turns to green, that means it’s on the correct temperature. After this wrap the flask with the handwarmer and head to the lab to submit the sample.

This is how most synthetic urine brand works and in most cases it’s safe, however, heating pads can be unreliable, if it doesn’t work properly you will only notice it at the lab, and there is no way to heat it up again when you are there.

how to use Quick Fix

Quick Fix Reviews: What People Say About it

Most people say Quick fix urine works, it has a very good success rate. If you check out some quick fix reviews online, you will see most are positive. In some cases, the heating pad doesn’t work properly as I mentioned before and it can cause a failed drug test, but it’s rare. Quick Fix contains the most important chemicals that modern fake urine should, however, it doesn’t contain uric acid, which is a must in 2020.

Some report says it has unnatural color, it’s greenish if you turn it to the light, real human urine should be deep yellow. In 99% of the cases, it’s not a problem as most lab assistants not going to have a closer look, but if they do, you might be in trouble. There is a video on youtube where a so-called lab assistant shows you how to spot synthetic urine. According to him, it has unnatural color, no smell and if you shake it, it doesn’t produce foam. I have a bottle of Quick fix at home, I think the color is OK, it doesn’t look unnatural to me, I shook it and it produced foam, not much but it did, however, it doesn’t have a smell. I can not believe a lab assistant will have a sniff from your sample, but who knows…

Alternatives You Should Consider

The conclusion of my Quick Fix synthetic urine review that it’s a good quality brand, one of the best on the market, and I would recommend it to you. It costs 39$ which is not a lot for a detox product, it has good success rate and it should be enough to fool a simple pre employment drug test. However, if it’s not a pre employment drug test, if its a serious lab test or you want to be 100% safe, I would recommend to other brands to consider. The reason these brands are better is that they contain more chemicals than Quick Fix, they both have 100% natural color and both come with heat activator powder. With this powder, it’s super easy to heat up your sample, and basically it’s impossible to screw it up.

Both brands are manufactured by Clear Choice, they are the best detox product company in the world. The number one brand is called Quick Luck urine, it costs 100$, comes with heat activator powder and handwarmer as well, it’s premixed and it contains over 15 chemicals! The second brand is called Sub Solution. If you have done some research before you probably have heard this brand name. Its often called the best synthetic urine brand on the market, it’s better in every way than Quick Fix, however, its more expensive, one bottle costs 80$. Sub Solution was the number one brand till 2018 when Quick Luck synthetic urine has arrived.

The difference between Sub Solution and Quick Luck, that Sub Solution is a powdered urine kit, which means you need to mix it with water, while Quick Luck is premixed. Quick luck comes with heat activator powder and heating pads as well, while Sub Solution only comes with heat activator. To be honest, both are an excellent choice, I would go with Sub Solution because it’s cheaper, the formula is basically the same. The only downside that Clear Choice products are not available in headshops, you need to buy them online, while Quick Fix is widely available in smoke shops and on Amazon.

If you have the extra money, go with one of the Clear Choice urine, if you are tight on budget, Quick Fix is still an excellent choice. Remember, always do your own research before buying anything. I am going to embed a Quick Fix testimonial video, read the comments and make your choice!