As you know using detox pills is the only way to get clean permanently in a relatively short period of time. It’s not masking, you don’t submit a fake sample, nothing like that, detox pills make your system clean permanently within 5-7 days. Because it’s not instant most people turn to detox drinks and synthetic urine, they are faster and relatively safer. However if for any reason, if you would need to get clean for a drug test, detox pills are the way to go.

If you are unsure which method should you use, I highly recommend to check out Ceasar you will find a bunch of great articles about synthetic urine, detox drinks and home remedies to pass your drug test.

My Go-To Detox Pills Brands

There are only a few detox pills that you can use for a drug test without taking any risk:

  1. The best brands are Toxin Rid, and 5 day detox permanent and Herbal pre Cleanse formula. Toxin rid is the way to go if you want to get clean in a short period time, Toxin Rid is the best and strongest detox pill that you can buy. The only downside is its price, a 5-7 days detox plan costs nearly 200$.
  2. If you are on a budget, 5 day permanent detox might be an option. But do not expect miracles within 5 days. It works well, if you do natural detox for a minimum of 10 days and then speeds up your detoxification with 5 day permanent detox. It’s not a risk-free option, but still better than most brands that you can buy in Walmart and GNC.
  3. The third option is using Herbal Pre Cleanse Formula from Clear Choice. They are an awesome company, Sub Solution, Quick Luck synthetic urine and Rescue Cleanse detox drink is all their products and they are simply amazing. However, Herbal Pre Cleanse formula is not a strong detox pill. I would use it as an aid to my natural detox. In one container you get enough pills for 14 days.  As you guessed it takes a minimum of 2 weeks, but 3 might be even better. It’s just a “herbal supplement” do not expect miracles from it. However, if you have time, but no money, Herbal Pre Cleanse Formula might be a good fit.

detox pills

How To Use Toxin Rid Detox Pills

Any brand of detox pill you choose, the first and most important step is detoxing your system. The longer the better. A detox program usually involves some serious exercise routine, drinking lots of water, eating healthy, and cutting out toxic like drugs, alcohol, smoking.

  1. First step: Forget about fast food, fat meats, sugary drinks, cakes, anything contain a big amount of sugar. It’s best to forget processed foods entirely. Eat healthily! A plant-based diet might be a good, choice. Eat lots of veggies, plants, fruits, grains, and anything that is natural and healthy.
  2. Second: Increase your daily water intake. if you used to drink 1.5 liters of water, increase it to 3 liters,  because water works as a catalyst, it helps to flush out toxins from your system. Drinking lots of water is great for your body, you can keep this habit after the detox ends.
  3. Third step: Do exercise daily, the more it makes you sweat the better. Running, cycling, HIT exercises are all great. Sweat as much as possible and drink lots of water, probably this is the most important part of your detox routine.
  4. Fourth Step: I think it’s pretty obvious, but just in case…DO NOT use drugs/marijuana during your detox. Do not even go close to anybody who is smoking.

The above four steps are essential in order to pass your drug test. Toxin Rid usually involves taking 3 detox pills every day (it also depends on the length of the program), and on the last day to take the dietary fiber and drink a certain amount of water.

These instructions are all available on Toxin Rid’s container. It’s important to follow the step they mention, but my four steps above are equally important in order to pass your test. It’s important to understand that Toxin Rid is not a magic pill. It just speeds up your detox, but you need to follow your detox plan very strictly, otherwise, Toxin Rids is useless.

toxin rid instructions

One Last Tip To Avoid Failing The Test

One last trick is to buy a bunch of at-home drug tests. Monitor your process, if on the last day your test is still positive, that means the toxic level was too high in your body, or you made some mistakes. For these situations always keep a bottle of Mega Clean or Rescue Cleanse detox drink at home.

Your system is almost clear already, that means a good quality cleansing drink can easily mask the remaining toxins in your system. Again, follow the instructions on the container! Good quality detox drinks are not available in regular smoke shops, so I advise you to order it online a couple of days before your test. It’s better to be safe than sorry.


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