A lot of misconceptions and false information surrounds detox drinks for weed. Fueled partly by greedy marketers and clueless ‘consumer experts’, it has grown so that there is a whole range of fake products being passed for ‘instant weed detox drinks.’

What Are Marijuana Detox Drinks

In general, the word detox means flushing out toxins from the body, or in this case, traces of drugs and metabolites. Detox drinks would then be those that encourage the body to get rid of such.

However, in this case, that is the work of detox pills. They work with the body’s natural secretion systems especially through the liver to eliminate foreign chemicals. They quicken the natural process and it takes time, from a few days to weeks depending on the person and the drug involved. The best detox pills you can buy is called Toxin Rid. It can clear your system completely in as little ass 5 days. If you would like to get clean fast, check out my Toxin Rid review.

Detox drinks, on the other hand, are preparations that are designed to help you pass urine tests by keeping out all traces of drugs and their metabolites. This happens over the space of a few hours, giving you a chance to pass the test.

How Detox Drinks Work

You must be wondering, how do detox drinks work? If so, how?

First, we need to understand what happens to drugs once they reach the bloodstream. Drugs react with biological chemicals in the body to create their active forms, also called metabolites. For example, weed contains the chemical THC, which is broken down to THC-COOH which is the active metabolite. This is what drug tests look for.

What marijuana detox drinks do is that they force the body to flush out the liver, kidneys and urinary tract of all marijuana metabolites. They can do this because they are made up of diuretics. They also contain other salts to help balance the chemical composition of urine to its usual characteristics.

During the next few hours after drinking a good marijuana detox drink, no traces of THC will be found in your urine, and you can submit a clean sample for testing.

After some time the body will continue expelling them as usual.

detox drinks for drug test

When To Use A Detox Drink For Weed

You can see that detox drinks are not meant for everyday use, and certainly not for detoxification in its classic sense.

You should only take detox drinks when you’re about to have a urinal drug test. If you have used weed in the past few hours or days, it means that there will still be THC in your system. This is where a drink of the best weed detox drink can save the day.

In short, take a marijuana detox drink when:

  • You will be having a supervised exam – This would mean that you will have no time or chance for fake urine antics. Make sure to take it about an hour before your test is due to give it time to work, and then don’t wait too long or the metabolites will be back in your urine.
  • You do not have time to detox naturally – Natural detox is one of the best ways to beat a urine test because it gives you a higher assurance of passing. However, when you don’t have the luxury of time, take the marijuana detox drink. Also, if in doubt, take it. For heavy users, THC can remain in the blood for up to a month.
  • You lack the courage to submit fake urine – Synthetic urine is another surefire way to ace a drug test – if you can get it through. There are many great brands of fake pee on the market that are good enough to help you pass, but you would need to find a way to get the pee into the sample bottle unsuspected.

Best Detox Drink Brands

When you have to entrust your job in the hands of a detox drink, it needs to be a brand that you are confident of. Trusting in shady brands can easily mess you up.

Here we have reviewed the best detox drink brands, great for marijuana users.

1. Mega Clean

Mega Clean is manufactured by the company Detoxify. It is one of the brands that have been around for a bit of time, a sure sign that they must be doing something right.

Mega Clean is massively popular because it is a strong detox drink that works even for heavy users. Most reviews are positive for this product, which is a difficult feat to accomplish. It is taken one day before testing and has a window of 3 to 5 days during which you should take your sample.

For users with a lot of toxins in the body or a lot of body fat, it may not work quite so well.

2. Ultra Eliminex

This is another big name in the market, being from the makers of Q-carbo. After a few years of stalling and negative reviews, Ultra Eliminex was finally launched. It consists of an entirely new formula that is reputed to work powerfully even with heavy users.

The online reviews for Ultra Eliminex are very good, which means that users are finding it very useful and successful in passing their drug tests.

Ultra Eliminex is a premium product, however, and will cost you a pretty dollar. But hey, if it works, then it’s worth it.

3.Rescue Cleanse

Also known as Clear Choice detox due to its manufacturer, Rescue Cleanse is another premium detox drink that has stuck around for a while to earn its colors.

Rescue Cleanse is made especially strong for heavy people (above 200 lbs) and who have a lot of toxins. It comes in two sizes, the larger one being for the large people and vice versa.

Rescue Cleanse is a great weed detox drink. It may not be as strong as Ultra Eliminex, but it is also not as expensive will get you through that test. It has a consistent, enthusiastic fan base online which means that it delivers as expected.


Detox drinks are normally misunderstood as people think that they remove all the toxins in the body and use them in a sort of regime. This is completely wrong because detox drinks are only meant to mask these toxins to help you pass a drug test.

You need a powerful and proven weed detox drink if you are a pothead and will be taking an exam. Some people have their doubts as to whether they work, but these brands listed have been tried and tested for years and work when used properly.

When you are unable to detox naturally or use a fake urine sample, then detox drinks are your best bet. So long as you use these detox drinks, even for weed,  as required, they have got your back.