The easiest way to pass a urine sample drug test is to submit a fake sample. A fake sample basically means synthetic urine, and I can tell you that the best synthetic urine will pass you every time.

But the problem is that people are scared of using synthetic urine. They are dubious that it’s complex enough to pass scrutiny, and they are terrified of smuggling it into the testing lab and submitting fake pee for a drug test.

So let’s wipe away the worry and tell you exactly how easy it is to pass a drug test using synthetic urine, as long as you follow some basic instructions.

Plus, I’m going to go through the top three brands out there, and do detailed synthetic urine reviews to explain why you should consider using those three brands. I’ve used them, I’ve passed drug tests with them, and you can as well.

Why Synthetic Urine Is The Best Option For A Drug Test

There is one simple reason why synthetic urine is the best option to pass a urine sample drug test. That reason is that it has the least margin for error and the highest chance of passing.

You could use a drug detox drink, and some of them are of great quality. However, there is more margin for error. If you are delayed getting to the testing lab, or you’re a chronic weed smoker with so many metabolites that the detox drink can’t eradicate them for long enough, then you could fail.

With poor quality detox drinks, or just drinking tons of liquids generally, or with home remedies, you’ve got the problem of them not working at all, or your sample is found to be unnatural. Detox pills are also an option, but detoxing takes time (5+ days), it’s, even more, riskier than detox drinks and high-quality detox pills like Toxin Rid costs a fortune.

So synthetic urine is the easiest way to pass. You just have to make sure you get the most complex formula you can and practice in advance so that you can be confident in submitting it.

Note this caveat though. Synthetic urine is only good for an unsupervised drug test where you are not directly observed. But as all drug tests are unsupervised unless they are specially commissioned by law enforcement, the courts, insurance, or a particularly scrupulous employer who must inform you in advance, then the drug test you face will be unsupervised.

How To Use Synthetic Urine For A Drug Test

It’s really easy to use fake pee for drug test success, you just have to prepare it properly and submit it confidently.

Instructions for all fake urine kits is pretty much the same:

  1. Prepare the sample by mixing it in the supplied plastic vial with water (unless it’s premixed). Use warm water to get the temperature close to the human urine temperature.
  2. Check the temperature strip, and if it’s not warm enough (between 90°F and 100°F) then microwave it for a few seconds and keep checking the temperature strip. If you are using Sub Solution you won’t need a microwave because Sub Solution instead uses heat activator powder.
  3. Strap the heatpad supplied to the sample to keep it warm. Again, Sub Solution doesn’t require a heatpad because you can just add more heat activator powder if necessary.
  4. Just before you go into the testing facility check the temperature. If it’s too cool, warm it up using heat activator powder, or find a hot water supply and run it under the hot tap to increase the temperature. But if you have a reputable brand with good quality heatpad, you shouldn’t have to worry.

how to use synthetic urine

The Reasons People Fail Using Fake Urine

Before I tell you what the best synthetic urine brands are, I want to just quickly mention the top reasons why people fail when using fake pee for their drug test.

The first reason is the temperature, and it’s the main reason as well. You will see so many people online moaning that synthetic urine failed them, and moaning about the quality of urine. But it is more likely to have failed because the temperature was wrong, which can easily happen if you don’t monitor things properly, or a heatpad fails you.

The second reason is poor quality urine. If it’s not a complex formula, that contains all the basics like urea, uric acid, creatine, and has the correct specific gravity, plus the correct pH, then it will be found out quickly.

The third reason is it contains biocide. Biocide is a preservative used in a lot of household products. It also found in a lot of synthetic urine brands. It’s rumored that the labs have cottoned onto this, and now test for its presence to rule out the majority of fake samples quickly and easily.

Synthetic Urine Reviews: Top 3  Fake Pee Brands

 So let’s close this guide to the best synthetic urine brands by doing some brief synthetic urine reviews on the top three best fake pee kits you can buy.

I’ve used all of these myself to pass real employment drug tests over the past few years, and I know other people who have as well. As long as you follow the advice in this guide, you can’t go wrong.

Sure, it takes balls to smuggle it in and submit a fake sample. But it’s not as tough as you might think, you’ll be behind a screen, or in a completely different room, and it’s really easy to pour it into the sample container.-

  1. Sub Solution – The Best Synthetic Urine

 The number one brand of synthetic urine on the market is Sub Solution. There are a couple of good reasons for that which are worth going through in detail.

Firstly, it’s the most complex formula on the market. It contains 13 chemical markers found in human urine, and it definitely has all the basics like uric acid and creatine in it. You are just less likely to fail if you are using this brand of urine, because of the complexity of the formula.

Secondly, it doesn’t use a heatpad. So there’s no risk of an inconsistent heat, or the heatpad failing completely. Sub solution is the only brand on the market that uses heat activator powder. See you don’t even need a heat source. Just before you go into the lab, you can just tap in some of the heat activator powder and watch the temperature rise. Then tap in a bit more, until it gets to the temperature you want. It’s that simple.

So Sub Solution is brilliant for keeping at work or carrying with you. As long as you have some water to mix powdered urine up, the heat activator powder does all the work for you. Sure, Sub Solution is pretty damn expensive, usually costing around $80, but you get quality for your money, plus the convenience of the activator powder.

It’s also made by Clear Choice, one of the premium drug test avoidance product brands out there. They also make Rescue Cleanse, one of the best detox drinks. So they have a pedigree that will reassure you about the quality of Sub Solution.

Synthetic urine kit

  1. Quick Fix 6.2 Synthetic Urine

My second choice is Quick Fix. It’s half the price of Sub Solution, but you don’t get half the quality of synthetic urine.

It’s not as complex as Sub Solution, there’s no doubt about that. But for a basic pre-employment drug test, where only a low-quality five-panel drug test is being commissioned, it will be plenty good enough.

It’s premixed, and you get a high-quality heatpad with it. So all you need to do is microwave it, or activate the heatpad an hour in advance so that it can get the sample up to the correct temperature and keep it there.

Quick Fix contains all the biological markers that will be checked for by a lab, and it also doesn’t contain biocide as it’s preservative. It’s a budget brand, at around $40, but it’s plenty good enough to get you through most drug tests you will face.

fake urine for drug test

  1. TestClear PU100

My third choice is actually a little-known synthetic urine product from a big brand. Test Clear is one of the biggest companies out there, but they aren’t known for their synthetic urine.

But Test Clear PU100, powdered urine 100% guaranteed to pass, is definitely a great option. It’s the middle ground between Sub Solution and Quick Fix as well in terms of price, costing $50.

You’ll get high-quality synthetic urine that has all the main biological markers that will be looked for. Just like Sub Solution, it’s powder, so you will need water to prep it. It also uses a heatpad rather than heat activator powder, which makes it more comparable to Quick Fix.

But I can tell you that the heatpad is very high quality, and can pump out a sustained heat of close to 100°F for up to 8 hours. That’s plenty of time to get the sample warmed up, and submitted safely at the lab, and Test Clear guarantees that it can get the fake sample up to temperature and keep it there without any other intervention.

So it’s not the best synthetic urine brand out there, but it’s definitely one to consider in second or third position if you can’t spend the money on Sub Solution.