A Trans Youth Covenant House Shelter Refugee

This trans individual is a survivor of a hate crime attack. She was beaten until she was on the ground. When she was on the ground, they began kicking her. When she stopped moving, they ran her over with their car (and no, they were never brought to justice). During the attack, they kept yelling “faggot” and “you fucking punk” etc.

She left her hometown to get away from the physical and psychological torment she was subjected to and came to Houston. She initially sought shelter at the Star of Hope mission (a Christian shelter) and was turned away because they have a no-trans policy at the faith-based shelter. She then went to Covenant House.

Covenant House is a faith-based youth shelter accessible to GLBT youth in the Montrose (AKA, “The gay part of town”). Covenant House has a long history of denying shelter to trans and intersexed kids — a policy that has resulted in death, human trafficking and every horror the streets save up for homeless youth.

On June 19, the Transgender Center made this post about a meeting several TG Center representatives had with Covenant House leadership.

The issues documented in the following video took place on June 30th:

Covenant House (CH) staff plunged this individual into a potentiality dangerous situation. CH staff made the choice to ensure all were aware of this client’s private medical information (GID DX) and then housed her with men. When the men began to verbally abuse this individual and the abuse escalated, CH staff turned a blind eye. Fearing that history was about to repeat itself (that she would soon be assaulted), this individual fled CH and is now living on the streets.

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  1. alexis garcia

    I have been a Transgender female since 1983,and even though there are alot of more opportunities for Transgeneders since the 80’s.One thing has not changed..Transgenders are still discriminated against in their own area of Montrose..& as far as the Covenant House Goes where is it located? In Montrose! I Think it is so very very sad that right here in the Gay Community Transgenders are at the at the bottom of the totem pole. FACT: It was referred to as GayLesbianBisexual (GLB). Transgender Got put in later..to what it is GLBT..Now The Most Saddest thing is that this young Transgender that tried to get her young life together in the Covenant House & is now homeless is subject to the life of Prostitution just to Survive! I certainly do not wish this on her i certainly wish her the Best…